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The Akshardham Temple, Robbinsville, New Jersey, U.S.A

Akshardham - Robbinsville
Akshardham - Robbinsville
The Akshardham Temple Campus in Robbinsville, New Jersey is probably the biggest sanctuary in the United States. The sanctuary grounds spread more than 160 sections of land. A seat of otherworldliness, godliness, Hinduism, and philanthropy, the sanctuary opened its entryway to fans in 2014.
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Started in 2010 under the supervision of Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the creation of BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in New Jersey is an account of astonishing realities. The development of such a fantastic, wonderful Hindu sanctuary a huge number of miles from India was a multifaceted procedure from Europe to India to the United States. Made of etched Italian marble, this New Jersey Indian sanctuary is a miracle in itself. 

One of the most fascinating realities about the creation of the Akshardham Temple in New Jersey is that stone marble was sourced from Europe and carefully assembled in Rajasthan for quite a long time. Upwards of 2000 skilled craftsmen in Rajasthan hand-cut the marble stones into excellent pieces that were collected multiple times. Just because, the marble pieces were amassed in India to check on the off chance that they would fit precisely and, at that point they were in this way numbered. A group of achieved experts sorted out and amassed the pieces in the USA, as indicated by their numbers.
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Akshardham - Robbinsville
Akshardham - Robbinsville
It was very testing to move huge amounts of marble from Europe to the USA in a specific time allotment. Every one of the stones voyaged 21,500 miles from Europe to India to America, as indicated by the sanctuary authority.

The BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in New Jersey is excellent both outside and inside. It is encased with a giant mandap for outer insurance. The 135-ft wide mandap with sensitive inscriptions on columns stands 55 feet tall. The primary door of the mandap, called Mayur Dwar, is a significant fascination of the sanctuary. The Mayur Dwar is fastidiously decorated with 236 figures including peacocks, elephants, priests, and lovers cut out of marble. 

The mandap involves an excellent petition corridor which is extensive enough to oblige 1000 individuals one after another. The main period of the sanctuary complex involves a movement place for the young, a rest house for guests and a nourishment court. The second period of the sanctuary, which is said to be more prominent than the main stage, will be finished and initiated in 2017. The beautification of the sanctuary and its encompassing is impacted by a rich blend of the design styles of south and north Indian sanctuaries. 
The fundamental structure of the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir in Robbinsville, New Jersey is a 4-story structure. There is a lasting presentation devoted to the legacy, history, and culture of India. The luxurious columns, boards, dividers, and roofs portray accounts of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, and old sacred texts. The lobbies are spotted with life-size icons of profound pioneers and priests from the Indian Hindu people group.
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Akshardham - Robbinsville
Akshardham - Robbinsville
Key Highlights of BAPS Swaminarayan Temple in New Jersey
1.   40 little Fasnakar style shikhara (towers) 
2.   2 enormous and 8 little ghummats (vaults) 
3.   98 sthambhas (cut columns) 
4.   66 complicatedly cut peacock style curves 
5.   144 cut consecrated figures 
6.   58 improving roof structures 
7.   34 improving barbecues 
8.   91 elephants with different melodic instruments and blooms 
9.   44 Ganesh Murtis depicted offering a commitment to Bhagwan 
10. 13,499 individual cut stone pieces 
11. Stature: 42 feet 
12. Width: 87 feet 
13. Length: 133 feet 

The development of the sanctuary has been a mind-boggling, titanic, lumbering procedure that could have not been started and finished without the joined commitment and administration of volunteers from the Indian people group in the USA. An aggregate of 4.7 million worker hours spent by skilled workers and volunteers of any age went into the creation of the biggest Hindu sanctuary in the USA, which is clearly not obvious to the unaided eye. The Indians in New Jersey and in different states approached to give their time in every potential manner, including getting ready nourishment for craftsmen, tidying up the building site, and so forth. At the finish of the whole development, the expense would up to $150 million.
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