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Dawki - Paradise of Northeast, India

A little border town in the Jaintia Hills, Dawki and its popular stream Umngot is an absolute necessity visit if in Meghalaya. Sandwiched among India and Bangladesh, Dawki is a significant focal point of exchange among India and Bangladesh. The little city, other than being an exchange center is additionally well known for its travel industry scene, with numerous individuals running to the city all together experience a pontoon ride in its celebrated Umngot River and appreciate the close by sights and sounds
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The city turns into a hotbed of visitor exercises particularly throughout the spring a long time as it has the pontoon riding rivalry on the Umngot River. The encompassing greenery, the virus water of the waterway and the excellent suspension connect on the River Umngot make Dawki a spot worth a visit. 
Best Time To Visit Dawki 

Dawki is an all year goal with a wonderful atmosphere all year. The town by ideals of being situated in the Jaintia Hills is honored with magnificence and greenery. Winters are typically colder than summers and in this way, some kind of comfortable dress will be required particularly during evening time. Something else, temperatures stay lovely all through. 

Going Around Dawki 

Khasi Hills 

Remain Near Dawki 

Shillong ought to be the favored area for settlement as it is a significant traveler focus on numerous reasonable choices for all spending sizes. 
Touring Around Dawki 

Dawki gives great perspectives on the Meghalayan scene. The town is a pleasant vantage point for appreciating the Khasi and Jaintia Hills. 

Exercises At Dawki 

Drifting at the Umngot stream is an unquestionable requirement in the event that you are at Dawki. 

Shopping At Dawki 

Shop for some heavenly oranges. 

Nightlife At Dawki 

Shillong is known as the Rock capital of the nation and the nightlife in this traveler focus is truly stunning with numerous clubs, bars and cafés serving music and liquor. 
Nourishment At Dawki 

Give a shot of the brilliant Meghalayan treats, for example, Jadoh, Dohneiihong, Makham-Bitchi, and Jhur Sideh. Likewise, taste the desserts and oranges of Dawki it is very renowned for them. 

Cafés Near Dawki 

Dawki doesn't have a rambling business sector to offer to its guests and subsequently, there is an absence of good eateries yet one can discover some dhabas along the course from Dawki till Shillong offering neighborhood foods. 

Dawki River - Paradise of North East
Fishing at Umngot River

Test Itinerary For Dawki 

Dawki is an ideal day trip from Shillong. Take the Car Ride from Shillong to Dawki, go through a day under its beguile and tail it with an excursion to Khasi. 
Tips For Visiting Dawki 

Go for the vehicle ride from Shillong till Dawki, an involvement with its self. 

The most effective method to reach Dawki 

Air: The nearest air terminal is at Guwahati which has non-stop flights to all other significant urban communities of the nation. Guwahati is around 200 km from Dawki and can become by enlisting a taxi. On the other hand, there is a helicopter administration from Guwahati till Shillong from where one can reach Dawki by the street. 

Rail: Nearest railhead is at Guwahati from where one can either contract a taxi or catch open or private transports either direct till Dawki or till Shillong. 

Dawki River - Paradise of North East
Dawki River - Paradise
Street: Dawki is only 90 km from Shillong and the course goes through wonderful crevasses, profound timberlands, and rivulets. It is associated by state transports just as some private transports to Shillong and Guwahati. One can without much of a stretch get a transport for Dawki from Bada Bazaar in Shillong or close Guwahati Railway Station in Guwahati.
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