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7 Affordable Places to Travel in Asia

For some people, travelling is much more than just passing time. It is rather a requisite for a peaceful life. The thirst for travelling is such that they cannot wait for their next trip before the first one ends. But what is the most important factor while picking a destination? Budget. 

One cannot go overboard with spending money when resources are limited. We mostly take into consideration these 5 factors while travelling abroad
Are you one of those travel freaks? Do you wish to not burn your pocket while travelling? Do you wish to travel to Asia, the largest continent in the world? 
Then this is it. 
Here are 7 affordable places in Asia for you to plan your next trip to. 

Go travel Treasures
Go travel Treasures
1. Vietnam 
Vietnam is nothing but Paradise for backpack travellers. Its beer is one of the most inexpensive beers around the globe. Mostly everything is cheap in Vietnam, from conveyance and stay to food and alcohol. A piece of advice while vacationing in Vietnam would be - always double-check the number of zeroes in a bill in order to avoid carelessly losing money. Do not hesitate to bargain to get the cheapest prices. It is rather unexpected that the capital of a country is the cheapest, but Vietnam proves it wrong. Take a stroll and explore the capital city of Hanoi and enjoy a bowl of Pho - the extremely affordable local cuisine. Other tourist attractions include Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An and Sapa. 
2. India 
India for long has been a tourist's go-to place. An extremely diverse nation in terms of culture, geography and people, a trip to India will never disappoint. The globally recognized architecture, beautiful beaches, mountains and religious spots - there is something of every person's interest. Visit the exciting capital city of New Delhi, take a walk with your loved one at the Taj Mahal in Agra - one of the architectural wonders of the world or travel to Kashmir, beauty which cannot be expressed in words. Keep a daily budget of Rs. 2,500 if you wish to spend moderately and you are good to go. Take a holy dip in the Ganges at Varanasi or Haridwar, or just relax at a beach in Goa, you would want to keep coming back to India. 
3. Nepal 
Full of adventurous activities, for all the adventure lovers, if you love trekking and climbing mountains, then Nepal must be one of the next destinations to travel to. Home to the tallest mountain peak in the world, travelling via air over the Mount Everest or taking a guided trek to the Himalayas can result in costs skyrocketing, but otherwise, the base cost of travelling to Nepal is minimal. Enjoy the view of the Annapurna Circuit, discover Kathmandu's gems or pay a visit to Lumbini, the place where the Lord Buddha was born - Nepal has a streak of breathtaking destinations to offer. The beauty of Nepal lies in its simplicity. 

Go travel Treasures
Go travel Treasures

4. Thailand 
Popular for its gorgeous beaches and islands, the Land of Smiles has for long been a tourist attraction. Sail through the beautiful Sam Phan Bok, popularly known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand. Beaches along the coast of Thailand are cheaper as compared to solitary islands as you save the ferry costs to travel to these islands. If you are very much interested in visiting the historic James Bond Island, then you should consider taking cheaper tickets from the town of Phang Na which is near to the island rather than spending a lot of money from Phuket. 
5. Georgia 
Located beside the beautiful Black Sea, Georgia is placed where Europe and Asia meet. It is an underrated and under-visited country, which is in some ways good as it has not to be commercialized yet. Small villages are located along the mountains which make for a perfect stay. Skiing and hiking are also quite budget-friendly in this region. The cost of budget-friendly hotel costs as low as 15 GEL (5.5 US Dollars) per day. Georgia also boasts of long beaches where one can soak up the sun for days together without spending any money. 
6. China 
Leave alone overpriced cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai, China is not an expensive country to travel. It is generally believed that the costs in China depend upon the size of the city. If the city is small, the costs will be low. The transportation is low priced and extremely efficient, and so you can plan your stay in a smaller city and at the same time enjoy roaming around in a big city. A beautiful and pocket-friendly country, China is known for its export of cheap products. 
China's list of most pocket-friendly locations consist of Xi'an (famous for terracotta), Chengdu (famous for its Pandas) and Harbin (known for its yearly ice festival). 
7. Bangladesh 
From residing Sundarbans, the world's largest mangrove forest ( a UNESCO world heritage site) to having Cox's Bazaar, the longest track of continuous beach - Bangladesh is home to some of these wonders of the world. An interesting fact - Sundarbans reside the last set of Bengal tigers left in the world. Strangely, according to the World Bank, Bangladesh is one of the least go-to destinations when it comes to tourists and so generally locals are friendly to the tourists if at all they spot one. You can roam around this country freely, cheap of cost as it is still non-commercialized. 

Go travel Treasures
Go travel Treasures
These are the 7 off-beat places for you to strike off your checklist if you are thinking of travelling to budget-friendly countries in Asia. Not only are these countries diverse in terms of geographical areas, culture, and food, but they also guarantee to not make a dent on your bank account. Avoid travelling super comfortably like a tourist and instead display spontaneity - keep a rucksack and some money ready, and set out on a journey to explore Asia. 
So what are you still waiting for? Pack your bags, travel and unravel what these beautiful destinations have to offer! 

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