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Balphakram National Park, Meghalaya, North East India

Balphakram National Park has significance for both Garo and Hindu strict convictions. Balpakram, which is pronounced as a National Park in 1987, is the land of grand excellence, lying at an elevation of about 3000ft above ocean level, covering an area of 200 sq.km. 

Balphakram National Park, Meghalaya, North East India
Balphakram National Park
It is a tremendous tableland of thick woods, overflowing natural life and a serious obscure rich biodiversity spot in India. it is home numerous uncommon and colorful types of fauna, some endemic to the area, numerous practically wiped out, bring out enthusiasm among untamed life lovers. The Garos consider Balpakram to be sacrosanct as the land where the spirits of the dead stay. The precarious stone bluffs of the gulch are accepted to be the regular natural surroundings of the gonchos or malevolence spirits. Curiously, on the Khasi slopes fringe, there is a characteristic water tank of the stone, which is never-ending clear and straightforward. 

The principle fauna of Balpakram is birds. There are several types of birds are found. Aside from birds, there is another untamed life like langur, cheetal deer, panther, various reptiles and numerous others. Be that as it may, the primary fascination is to investigate the legendary and fiercesome territory of this high elevation. Sections of land and sections of land of the tremendous tableland are made with progress orchids and different herbs and bramble in multicolor sprouts present an exceptional sight. 
In and Around 

Puzzles of Balpakram National 
The Garo clans adore it as a sacrosanct place, so far the part of riddle despite everything stays unsolved. The amazing chimp-like animal called mande barung is like Yeti of Tibet. The innate calls it "woodsman" in their own language. In 2008, BBC correspondent Alastair Lawson and enthusiastic Yeti devotee Dipu Marak went all through the area and discovered solid proof of some bizarre creature (or man) living out there. You can peruse the entire story here. On the path of the Indian sasquatch' 
Balphakram National Park, Meghalaya, North East India
Balphakram National Park
There are in excess of 45 intriguing destinations with regards to this area that are viewed as hallowed and loved by individuals. Some of them are referenced underneath. 
Matchru anti
There is a place in the level where one can observe a wide range of impressions of wilderness creatures. Local people have accepted the place was at one time a creature showcase, yet the secret part is that that is a solitary a particular area where you discover various impressions through different rocks are thoroughly spotless. 
Areng patal 
This is a huge stone, which has an inconceivable attractive power, pulling any creatures or birds towards the empty from where they can't turn out for eternity. Be that as it may, the attractive power has no impact on people. 
Wakso Chiring 
This little stream is arranged 1 km from Menggo Kol, taking after the digestive organs of a pig. It additionally produces a spoiled smell. The stream is accepted to cover by the soul of beast Wakmangganchi aragondi. 

Balphakram National Park, Meghalaya, North East India
Balphakram National Park
Best Time 
The best reasonable time for visiting this place is from November to March. 
Step by step instructions to reach 
Coming to Balphakram National Park: Tura can be come to by street from Guwahati. One can't locate any motorable streets here so trekking is the main choice. 

Via Air 
Guwahati is the closest air terminal that prompts the Balpakram National Park from Shillong and Guwahati. 
By Rail 
The closest railroad station is Guwahati that lies 220 kilometers from the Tura. 
By Road 
The Meghalaya government offers various methods of transport that prompt this park. The nearest town from the Balpakram National Park is Tura which is settled away off of 167 kilometers. 
The best place to remain is in Baghmara Tourist Lodge. A little however curious hotel roosted on a little slope top, giving you a full perspective on the encompassing areas. You can likewise choose Balpakram woodland visitor house (Hatisil). There are other hardly any alternatives like PED visitor places of Mahadeo (10 km away for Balpakram), Rongra ( 30 km in front of Balpakram)

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