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Malana Village - Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh

wooden houses malana
Malana is an old town upper east of the Kullu Valley. This desolate town of Malana Nala, situated to the side of the Parvati valley, is separated from the remainder of the world. At a tallness of 9,938 feet above ocean level is the town of Malana, otherwise called the town of Taboos. This town in the province of Himachal Pradesh is a mysterious spot encircled by greenery neglecting the pinnacles of Deotiba and Chandrakhani. Malana town is associated with Kullu by three passes. Being in the province of Himachal Pradesh, you can get access from the Parvati valley, through the Rashol pass and the Chanderkhani pass. The most effortless approach to get to Malana is to utilize a taxi from Jari, since there is no open transport to the town of Malana, 23 km out there. 

Some Amazing Facts To Know About Malana 

Malana Trek is conceivable from Kasol minimal in excess of 6 kms away. The Malana village trek arrives at a stature of 8,701 feet and is best endeavored in summer among April and June. 

Surely, it was one of the most one of a kind towns in India in numerous viewpoints. 

Following entering the town, a little inn can be seen with its name written in the Israeli language. This spot is home to numerous remote visitors, a large portion of whom seek the most looked for after Malana Cream, a medication from these valleys. 

Most Malana hotels are really situated in Kasol. Best Malana lodgings incorporate Moskha Hotel and The Himalayan Village. 

Malana Village is the Oldest Democracy in the World 

Peope of Malana Village
Malana is viewed as probably the most established majority rules system on the planet. There is a town chamber of 11 individuals and it is accepted that they are agents of Jamlu Rishi, the directing god of the town. Each choice they make is viewed as conclusive plan. As of late, numerous locals were not happy with the choices made by the town board and asked the Kullu District Court to settle their disparities. From that point forward the town chamber has not taken any further choices. 

The Origin of Malana People 

Malana People
There are a few hypotheses about the inception of the town. As per one of them, the residents have slid from the Aryans. Old stories says that when the Mughal Emperor Akbar endured a genuine disease that occurred in the town, the occupants of Malana figured out how to fix it. Akbar was so glad to have allowed the expense exception to all the residents. Another hypothesis proposes that Malana was established by the remainders of Alexander the Great's military. Notwithstanding, in the language among Greek and Kanashi there is no connection. 

It merits referencing that the town of Dha-Hanu close Leh, Ladakh additionally has confidence in the equivalent 

Malana has gotten Modernized 

It's anything but a regressive spot; Malana is positively moved by present day human advancement, more than most towns in India. Practically all kids have a cell phone. Actually, a few kids confirm the test results on their cell phone. The unassuming community had magnificent cell organize support, which was extremely uncommon when driving in transit there. Each house had a satellite dish for satellite TV administration. 

A large portion of the houses were made of blocks and cement with tin roofs supplanting the customary wooden houses with lovely etchings. This procedure started during the 1980s, when the townspeople were advanced with "Malana Cream". After the fire of January 2008 the sum total of what houses have been reconstructed as present day houses on the grounds that hacking down trees is denied. On the off chance that you choose to visit the town, don't contact the dividers or the impacts of any inhabitant, since you should pay a fine on the off chance that you contact something. 

Language of the Malana Village 

The Malani speak Kanashi (a blend of Tibetan and Sanskrit vernaculars) and are exceptionally preservationist. Kanashi the nearby vernacular of Malana doesn't seem like any of the tongues utilized in neighboring towns, and this language is likewise viewed as one of the secrets of the town, which those from different towns can't utilize. 

Despite the fact that youngsters in the town are disheartened from communicating in a language other than their first language, circumstances are different with the approach of TV. Like other youngsters, everybody sits in front of the TV and can comprehend and communicate in Hindi. Then again, individuals in different towns are debilitated from speaking Malani, regardless of whether they know it. 

The fundamental control of the occupants is agribusiness and creature farming. Ladies are engaged with weaving. 

Malana Cream – A Famous Intoxicant – Some Amazing Facts To Know 

Malana Cream
Malana cream is a term given to hash developed here, which is one of the most looked for after on the planet. Malana cream is extricated from Cannabis Indica. These plants, adjusted to the atmosphere in the Himalayas, save the property of opposing against wind and downpour, which fortifies the nature of hashish. Malana cream has a high oil content and extreme smell and fragrance. The high oil content in Malana cream makes it one of the most costly and best hashes in Europe. 

Malana Village Cream
The police propelled a crusade to stop the development of pot. The occupants of Malana, in the wake of managing the neighborhood god, Jamlu, chose to stop the offer of hashish. The inhabitants of Malana will never again be the hosts of numerous visitors from everywhere throughout the world who will have the option to appreciate the joys of Malana cream. 

This prompted a sharp fall in the quantity of visitors (fundamentally outsiders) as of late who came looking for charas or hashish. Today, locals are moving to thick timberlands for development. The inhabitants of the town blame the legislature for their aloofness since they have lost their wellspring of life because of these limitations. 

Malana Trek – Chandrakhani Pass Trek Map

Chanderkhani Pass Malana Trek
In the wake of looking for exhortation of the divinity Jamlu, the occupants of Malana village have shut all the visitor houses and eateries which sold hashish and now focus on the assurance of nearby culture and conventions.

Best Time to Visit Malana

If you are planning to go out with friends and family to Malana then you must read below note.

January is the coldest and rainy month and temperture goes down upto -2 C°. You should avoid visiting Malana this month due to heavy rain. Feb perfect to go sightseeing around the city of Malana.

If you going in Summer Season that is also best for exploring and enjoying good weather conditions.

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