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How to Start a Travel Blog - Step by Step Guide

How to start a Travel Blog
How to Start a Travel Blog
Guest Post by Holiday Makerz Blog
One thing I have learned during the pandemic that no one will give you a job. So the time has changed now you have to start earning from home. So the first platform to earn huge money is a blog. Why I chose to travel as a niche. Because it is so wide that you can write any of the places which exist on earth. 

So the first thing comes in mind that How to Start A Travel Blog for Beginners

There are two types of Blog 

1. Micro Niche Travel Blog 

In this, you can write about only one place like if you writing about Udaipur, you can write all the things which come in Udaipur. 

2. Niche Travel Blog 

In this, you can write about any place in the world. Like Best Places to visit Bali, the Best time to visit the USA, the Best places to visit in India. In this, you can cover all the things which are related to the travel industry. 

Before starting to the, one thing please kept in mind you will no get success in one or two months.You have work consistency for six months. 

Keep patience, and work hard. 

1. Buy Domain 

This must be unique, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. You can go to Godaddy and type the domain you want (.com). If available must go for it. Otherwise, just go for another one. 

2. Buy Hosting or Not 

If you chasing the dream to earn money. So your website must open in lighting speed. Buying a premium hosting will do that for you. If you are using free hosting that will harm your content and traffic. Because nothing is free in this world. 

siteground hosting
siteground hosting
The best hosting in the market is Siteground

3.Install WordPress in Hosting 

Why we have chosen WordPress. Because it is easy to use and the most popular platform to start a new blog. After that choose a theme and install a useful plugin like Rank Math Seo, Akismet, Sassy Social Share Plugin, and more. 

Write your article effectively
4. How to connect Domain and Hosting 

Very easy to connect it. Open your hosting which u have bought after that copy the server name and paste it over in DNS in the domain. After that, it will connect. 

5.How to Secure your website by using an SSL Certificate 

SSL Certificate converts your website from HTTP to HTTPS. Cloudflare has the best service for this. So go to Cloudflare and sign up. After that add your website. Go back to hosting and copy the server name one by one. After that go back to Cloudflare and click on DNS. Click on Add Record, Select NS, and Paste the Server name. Then Save it. This you have to do for all server names. After that scroll your Cloudflare website and copy the server name. Go back to the domain registrar from where you have purchased it. Paste all the server name one by one in DNS. 

Now click on the SSL/TLS button where you have to click on FULL. 

Now your website is END to END Encrypted. 

Click on the post, then click ADD New. First thing you have to do Advanced Keyword Research. After that write the H1 Heading, then write the content. After attaching some images, videos, infographics. After doing some on-page SEO. Then after writing the title and meta description. After publishing it. 

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