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Wildlife Sanctuaries & National Parks of Himachal Pradesh

Wild life sanctuaries and national parks
Wildlife sanctuaries and national parks
In Himachal Pradesh, forests cover an area of ​​about 37,691 sq km which is about 38.3% of the entire area of ​​the state. Once, these forests were considered to be the main source of income, and most of the forest fell in the original. The goal is to increase the forest to cover about 50% of the total land in the state.

Wildlife Sanctuary

The boundaries of a wildlife sanctuary cannot be changed without the decision of the state legislature. The public is prohibited from exploiting, destroying, or destroying any part of the wildlife from the sanctuary or destroying any habitat of the wild animal or depriving any wild animal of its habitat in the sanctuary.

One can visit/roam in any hill collection of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Himachal Pradesh. Almost one of them belongs to a different region of Himachal, which adds beauty. To take advantage of the thrilling, rich, and spirited experience of wildlife, a traveler must visit any of the 33 wildlife sanctuaries located in Himachal Pradesh. They have a natural habitat for many unusual birds and animal species.

List of national parks wildlife sanctuaries in Himachal Pradesh



Chandra Taal







Kho khan










Pong Dam Lake

Sechu Tuan Nala


Shimla Water Catchment



Hunter goddess




Govind Sagar

Water supply catchment

Wild animals

Wildlife means indigenous animal species including fungi, plants, and other organisms that grow wildly in an area without human introduction. So to experience the rich wildlife sanctuary, sight must visit Chail, Daraghati Sanctuary, Majathal Sanctuary, Simbalabara Sanctuary, Manali Sanctuary, and Renuka Sanctuary. The mammals that can be seen are deer, goral, Himalayan black marten, jackal, langur, squirrel, and sero, etc.

Great Himalayan National Park

Travelers can visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjiar Lake, Maharana Pratap Sagar Reservoir, and Renuka Lake as well as birds.

Chudhar Wildlife Sanctuary

It is located in Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh state. It is named after the summit of Chaudhar with a height of 3,647 meters. Chudhar is one of the holy places that belongs to Shri Shirgul Maharaj or Chureshwar Maharaj who is worshiped at Chaupal and Sirmaur. It is spread over an area of ​​about 56.16 sq km. The best season to visit there is from April to June in summer and from October to November in winter.

Wildlife Park

A wildlife park is a commercial drive in a place like a zoo that attracts tourists where visitors can drive their own vehicles or ride-on vehicles that provide the facility to move around animals, also known as safari parks goes. The main attractions in these parks are lion, giraffe, elephant, rhinoceros, ostrich, zebra, and antelope.

Kalatop - Wildlife Sanctuary and National Parks of Himachal Pradesh

Various wildlife destinations

The Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh

It is connected to major cities via road as its starting point is from Kullu valley. One can get a chance to stroll among the clouds, ride on boats, go on a trek and breathe in pollution-free air.

Kanawar Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh

It is located in the Parvati valley of Kullu. Travelers can explore the huge inhabitants of the Himalayan Thar that care for large goats. The best time to travel to this place is from May to June.

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh

It is the most densely populated sanctuary in Himachal. It is spread over an area of ​​273 sq km and temperatures vary from -5 to 20 ° C. The best time for trekking and safari is from April to May and August to October.

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