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Tripsafe App – That Makes Your Travel Safe Again

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Traveling after the coronavirus PANDEMIC will not be as easy as it was before. Many countries change travel restrictions and requirements. Therefore, to overcome such challenges, simple user-friendly applications have been introduced keeping all the above-mentioned points in a part of the requirements. That is a tripsafe.


What is Tripsafe?

Tripsafe is the app that travelers have been waiting for. This is the first website or app that is tailor-made Coronavirus travel information for your specific situation. The journey will never be as smooth as it was before the coronavirus. Many countries impose a change in Travel Restrictions and Requirements. It has all become so complicated!


TripSafe will tell you everywhere that you can and cannot travel, plus all the restrictions, depending on your previous travel history. This app will help people to travel safely and confidently now and in the future. This will help People travel by stopping the spread of the virus.

 The working mechanism of tripsafe

TripSafe is reliable and up-to-date because it uses crowdsourced information. Instead of Relying on old government websites, Tripsafe is updated by thousands of travelers. People like you, who know where they are. It uses an algorithm to validate all Updates and asks community editors to confirm the changes. Tripsafe will be completely free to use. And you can get the latest information in just two Clicks.

Check this video for a demonstration and working principle of this app.

Input your location:
 Based on your passport and recent travel history, the app will show your travel requirements around the world. 

It can show where you can travel: The app will show you a list of countries where you can travel with or without restrictions.

It Checks local restrictions: You can check the details of all valid travel requirements and local restrictions in any selected country. Filter the restrictions you want to avoid.

Valid by the travel community: Travelers are the very heart of this app. They create, verify, and update content.

Help Tourism and Travelers: Help to revive tourism safely, without spreading the virus.


The best way is to share Tripsafe with your community and followers, encouraging them to follow and share as well. You can also encourage your followers to sign up for instant travel alerts and early access to this App.
Get your early access here.

Importance of this application: The developers are making Tripsafe for free. Do you know that tourism is more than 10% of global GDP and employs over 300 million people worldwide? Fast we can revive tourism and it can save more jobs.

But we are all fighting the same virus and we have to stop the spread. We also need to stop all fear and misinformation. We all need to be safe and what is that Tripsafe is all about. With an active community, we can make travel safe again, not just for ourselves, but for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who rely on travel.

 How can you stay safe on trip?

It knows all the rules: The journey has changed. There are many new rules that you need to follow, and they change frequently. Be prepared and safe. You need to know the circumstances under which you can enter the country and how local restrictions may affect your stay.

 Get help when you need it: We use the knowledge of travelers to help each other and keep the rules and restrictions updated.

Free: The application is completely free to use. It is funded by supporters’ donations.

Trusted: The algorithm validates all updates and asks community editors to confirm changes in information.

Fast: Travel requirements or travel restrictions are kept updated by validating changes in minutes.

How can this app help community tourism?

Bring tourists back to your country: By providing reliable updates and information from your country, you can bring tourists back faster.

Support your domestic economy: In some countries, tourism accounts for 25% of GDP. By supporting tourism you help revive the home economy rapidly.

Save your friend's job: 1 in 11 people work in tourism. You may already know someone who has lost his job from tourism.


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